Thermal Insulation

Consulting & Manufacturing

In terms of exterior coating jobs in the industrial sector, THERMAN’s thermal insulation department offers:

Preliminary consulting in the design phase. Engineering of details and supporting calculations for the best solution which reduces energy losses with the installations.

Manufacturing of insulating blankets to size, ideal for the locations in an installation where damage is most frequent and it is necessary to remove and install in insulation; with this solution, these types of operations require less time and can be performed by the client’s own personnel.

Thermographic Analyses

Realization of thermographic analyses to test the area for temperature loss in manufacturing processes—and consequent energy inefficiency and economic loss—thereby enabling saving up to 40%.

Expert advice on reducing corrosion under insulation, preventing harm to people, and facilitating maintenance work on the installations.

This department undertakes planning and monitoring of work execution, with the objective of giving the best service in daily maintenance tasks, turnkey projects and scheduled interruptions.