20 years installing scaffolding

The Scaffolding department has been created to offer a more complete service to our clients, just as they have benefited from the Company’s local offices and our usual deployments in industrial interruptions.

We created this department with the goal of completing the cycle of refractory installation, fireproofing and thermal insulation, to respond to a growing demand detected in the last years, and to increase our agility and autonomy in executing our maintenance projects, which moreover benefits our clients by reducing direct costs and time frames.

Advanced and Versatile

At THERMAN we work with the most advanced and technically versatile materials and systems:

Ringscaff by SCAFOM-RUX and Allround by LAYHER.

These multidirectional systems are able to adapt precisely to the project to be realized, with modulation which adjusts to the job’s needed elevation.

Trained Team

Our technical team is highly experienced and highly trained for any project, ready for mobilization in Spain and set-up on the site. 

We are proud to have more than 20 years of experience in scaffolding assembly, primarily in large industrial complexes and in workshops for naval manufacturing.