In constantly growing

The Refractory department comprises a constantly growing technical team, project leaders of established reliability, and a leading group of technical directors with vast experience.

With all of this experience combined, we work with more than two centuries of knowledge. Today, this team is considered a reference on a global scale, thanks to its successful participation in innumerable projects in the Petrochemical sector throughout the world. In Spain, it is the most qualified in maintenance production interruptions, emergencies, and integral reconstruction, including Rotary Furnaces.

This department also specializes in pre-manufacturing all types of furnaces and pressure vessels, of which it has produced more than 130 units in 18 years for demand across the globe.

Refractory Services

The services we can offer from the Refractory department consist of the following:

  • Detailed engineering of materials, technical studies and planning.
  • Demolitions and Installation of the refractory materials, using the most innovative and appropriate technology and procedures.
  • Quality control of installations in accordance with specifications API-936 and ASTM.

In conjunction with the Thermal Treatment department, we offer manufacturing of all types of specialized, shaped refractory pieces, which we deliver ready to be used.

This department specializes in providing a quick assistance service thanks to our response capacity, providing quality, security, affordability, and efficiency to the production interruptions of our clients. On a professional level, we can mobilize teams of 20 specialists in just a day.

Another of our strengths lies in detailed planning, planning on critical passages, careful implementation, and project completion within agreed costs and time frames. These are key reasons why THERMAN has a long list of clients who, we are proud to say, always choose us by favorable comparison.

With this capacity, we can offer our clients projects which are safe, well-coordinated, and effective, even in the most unexpected emergency interruptions.

We have a permanent stock of materials which allows us to offer solutions in less than 24 hours.