Heat Treatments

Optimal Lining Finish

This department has been designed to provide an optimal finish on the installed refractory linings and to providing additional services.

With the application of temperature curves, through our portable burners or transformers, we extract the water from the refractory or we relieve the tensions generated during the welding process, adhering to the market’s most demanding quality regulations ASTM/ASME, ANSI, DIN, and ISO.

We can do mixed treatments as well, which simplify timescales, using the same equipment or vessels.

Strains on Welding

Even as the welding process can achieve a perfect metallurgical bond, at the same time it tends to harbor undesired tension in its interior, generated by the metallographic structure and the welding temperature.

With the heat applied during welding and with temperatures distributed in a characteristic thermal cycle, we are able to produce microstructural changes in the metals which eliminate tension and deformations that affect the behavior of the welded bond in use.

Controlled Drying of Coatings

On the other hand, to complete the refractory installation cycle, we perform on-site drying to obtain the best quality in integral coating application.

Drying the refractory coatings is crucial in order to guarantee their durability. By eliminating interstitial water, we ensure that there is no alkaline hydrolysis and succeed in putting the equipment into operation much more rapidly, avoiding production decrease in heating at the final stages of repair.

Material Recovery

At times, interruption of a productive process or other causes can lead to solidification of certain materials inside equipment, cisterns, pipes, tanks, etc. (tar, zinc, etc.)

THERMAN, by applying temperature in a controlled manner, can recover these materials without damaging the equipment or the installation, and in a short amount of time.