Therman Glass

Our Refractory department also includes our new Glass department—THERMAN GLASS—made up of an skilled team with more than twenty years of experience in this specific sector, including all types of work, from large furnace reconstruction repairs to the most intricate hot-repair interventions.

Given the special work conditions (especially in hot repairs), SAFETY is our priority, and our department of occupational risk prevention evaluates the specific risks involved in each project, and we have the most effective PPE for each type of intervention.

The department headquarters are located in Fatima (Portugal) where we have offices and installations with the necessary equipment to perform all types of interventions with our own personnel.

Our Services

Some of the services that we can offer from the Glass department are the following:

  • Furnace maintenance
  • Glass-to-glass furnace reconstruction
  • Demolition and installation of refractory materials using the most appropriate and innovative technologies and procedures.
  • Assembly supervision
  • Hot repairs:
    • Overcoating
    • Chamber cleanings
    • Drilling to test thickness
    • Chainsaw-requiring repairs
    • Repairs in vaults

Our team is prepared to provide its services whether in large, planned repairs or in small emergency interventions.