Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing Systems

From this department we offer our clients a study of the steps to be taken in order to meet the necessary regulations or to directly prevent incidents.

The correct compartmentalization of an installation can minimize damage or even avoid fire propagation, reducing potential consequences from total loss to only one part of the installation.

Constructive Solutions

With a special focus on maintenance and on new construction of industrial complexes, we are renowned specialists in the analysis and prescription of the best systems of Passive Protection, starting from any condition and achieving renewed systems at a very low cost.

We create all of the Passive Protection installations, applying linings, ceilings, eaves, seals for installation openings, metal structure protection, and protection of cable trays and ventilation ducts,  using the most modern leading materials on the market, as our most widely known specialty is application of fireproof mortars around structures and protection with fibrous calcium silicate boards.

Guaranteed Installations

All the constructive solutions we offer are guaranteed as certified by an accredited laboratory, and any product to be used will undergo trials to verify its suitability.